Big Beautiful Pictures Make Great Impressions.

Bright enough to be viewed in direct sunlight. Lighter, more stable, and with modest power requirements, LED screens run cool to the touch while operating. Once known as “Jumbotrons” today’s LED screens for video playback or image magnification are in a whole new league of technology.

Resolution Simulator

This simulation gives a feel for various LED screen and scenic element resolutions. The dot grid depicts screens photographed with a 35mm camera sporting a “normal” 50mm lens from two meters away.

For ease of comparison, the dots are here held to a constant size, equivalent to 3mm individual LEDs. In reality, the individual LEDs in different products are usually tripled and vary considerably in size.

Illustration - Man with Camera Shoots Big Screen from 2 meters away with a 50mm lens.

Individual LED modules usually each contain three LEDs.

Projected Screen Over Bar

Sometimes, projection is the best way to get a big bright image.

LSV features outdoor screens, indoor screens, and truck-configured mobile screens, in addition to general a/v equipment, scenic elements, and broadcast camera packages. With so many screen types to choose from, there’s a perfect screen and pixel size for every project.

For outdoor displays, LED digital signs stand up to bright daylight and harsh weather extremes. Our latest addition to outdoor technology, the LSV Outdoor 4mm is the most attractive, multi-purpose presentation format available. These groundbreaking screens debuted at the 2016 SuperBowl City.

With outdoor LED video technology, every corner of your event is like being center stage. Along with LSV Curvable 3.91mm LSV Outdoor 4mm F-LED Ultra Lightweight 11mm G-LUX Mesh 15mm G-LUX Mesh 37.5mm Inflatable Outdoor Screens for casual events, provide a spectrum of screen solutions.

Indoors, LED displays provide high-quality images even in the harshest lighting conditions. They stand out at any busy tradeshow, conference, exhibit, or elegant entertainment environment.

LSV’s Indoor displays include the latest high pixel, hi resolution formats. They continue to impress with beautiful images and reliability. They include Display Poster 2.5mm Blackchip 2.5mm Blackchip 2.8mm Blackchip 3.75mm LSV Curvable 3.91mm F-LED Ultra Lightweight 11mm Soft Curtain LED 18mm LED Video Spheres 10mm

Creatively configured LEDs for your design

LED technologies include several options for creative use of scenic and set design elements. Display Poster 2.5mm F-LED Ultra Lightweight 11mm G-LUX Mesh 15mm G-LUX Mesh 37.5mm Soft Curtain LED 18mm Versa TUBES LED Video Spheres 10mm are among the products available to enhance a set, embellish a stage, or add decor to a presentation area. Decorative and artistic possibilities are extensive, and components can even be arrayed to form creative screen surfaces.

Interlocking LED modules are light and portable. Time, cost, and power efficient, they require no convergence and offer flexible color balance. Modules are rugged and adaptable to every production situation, using either ground supported or flown rigging systems.

We’ve designed proprietary shipping trusses to make our screens easy to pack and ship cost effectively around the world. The modular design, together with the natural advantages of LED technology, enables quick and efficient set-up and installation.

Projection and Large Screen Monitors

Some events need large screen images, but most are suited to projection. Some shows need multiple formats or camera systems and broadcast packages. LSV provides general video and audio equipment, including video projection packages, large format LCD displays in extreme sizes, source equipment, broadcast camera packages, web feeds, microwave paths and satellite links offer multiple application uses. Add audio equipment to complement any system requirements or work with any LED display.

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